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مقتل 27 مدنيًا على الأقل في قصف…

Russian bombing mistake kills three Turkish soldiers in Syria

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This is what we call supersonic speed . Flying at the speed of Angels.

Yeah another Spitfire/109 pic Models by Anders Lejczak (www.colacola.se) Background photo by B McKain Hacked together by me.

Polish 303 Squadron in British Air Force 1944 ,Spitfire Supermarine MK XIV.game World of Worldplanes :) Perhaps the most famous polish aircraft of Jan Zumbach 303 squadron"donald Duck"

Sometimes sonic booms are visible: the high pressure area can cause water vapour to condense, briefly forming a cloud around the plane.

– An Hornet, assigned to the “Golden Dragons” of Strike Fighter Squadron One Nine Two breaks the sound barrier near the conventionally powered aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV

F-4U Corsair

The Vought Corsair was a single-seat, carrier capable, fighter that was used by the United.