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In praise of wickedness, ArmitageMania, Part 1: An Unexpected Journey.

ArmitageMania, Part An Unexpected Journey. Author’s Note: Instead of telling this as the simple tale it is — five paragraphs, tops — I have decided to write an excessively long and drawn-out.

Just when I think he can't get any more perfect.

“And, finally, in the "Never Say Never" Department. (Thanks to RA Quotes on FB for this image & RA for the words.

Richard's New Project - "Sleepwalker" directed by Elliott Lester: https://twitter.com/elliottlester88/status/514740673191239681

elliott lester on

mrsrichardarmitage: “ Beardy closeup - thanks to RA Bulgaria FB page (◡‿◡✿) ”

Mr. Richard Armitage

haroldedwardstyles: “ Richard Armitage photographed by Matt Holyoak for Project Magazine”

richard armitage

thorin-baconshield: “ “ mezzmerizedbyrichard: “ Richard being interviewed at the Hobbit Fan Event in New York.

Richard Armitage in a nice suit.

RA smiling will never not be endearing to me. Even if he likes to smile irl, his characters do it so rarely it feels like a treat!


Mostly Richard - A little bit of smouldering Richard : LA Premier of The Hobbit-DOS

Good Morning, Kathy! Here's some nice hand porn for your Tuesday. (Edit by Fernanda Matias)

Here's some nice hand porn for your Tuesday. (Edit by Fernanda Matias)