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Lace Dress - Chloe Lukasiak for Just For Kix #dance #dancewear #chloelukasiak

Alexandra Lace Dress

I have something to tell you! I got accepted into the dance school UPenn! I'm leaving the day after homecoming. I'm going to miss you all.

I NEED A NEW CHLOE FOR MY FALDC! YOU MUST BE DEDICATED! Follow me then comment below if you want it!

Chloe Lukasiak will always be my favorite dancer and personality on dance moms she is perfect and has amazing attitude she's so sweet and incredibly kind and smart.

dance moms

Maddie) I'm so nervous for nationals! What if I don't get a solo? What if I don't place high enough? The last solo i preformed was beautiful and practically flawless, but I still only placed third. But I'm glad my friends are there by my side.