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Why should Obama pass the Keystone Pipeline when his buddy Warren Buffet is raking-in hundreds of millions of Rail Traffic Dollars?

Bill of Rights - First Ten Amendments to the US Constitution. All Americans should refresh their memories regarding their rights that were fought hard for.

Ken Cuccinelli isn’t alone. Lots of conservatives want to shrink America’s prisons.

The clearing price for crime appears to have been about 7 million people in jail, on probation or on parole.

Ken Cuccinelli isn’t alone. Lots of conservatives want to shrink America’s prisons.

Crime is down but the cost to secure have been large. There are many 50 year old men who have been in jail for most of their lives. Certainly some deservedly so, but many serve for non violent crimes, such as smoking weed.

The Relative Cost of Living by State: one dollar will buy about 20% more in North Carolina than it will buy in New York or California.

Major Players in the MOOC Universe

Major Players in the MOOC Universe - The Digital Campus 2013 Jack says: the move to digital education is, like so much of the digital move, just getting started. As Jim Brinkley, President of Legg Mason Wood Walker taught me, "economics wins". The cost of online education is a small fraction of the cost of classroom education.

We have to be clear Presidents don't create jobs Free Enterprise and business does Sometimes I just have to say it like it is! Even if you are doing a little bit like hiring someone to clean your house, or to do your lawn, you are doing more to contribute to the economy.

there-are-more-people-living-inside-this-circle-than-outside-of-it Jack says: One piece of good news is that as countries gain wealth they decrease family size. China is gaining wealth; population growth is slowing; India and Indonesia to a lessor degree.

map-of-alocohol-consumption-around-the-world Jack says: Muslims and Chinese drink little. Russians and Europeans consume much.