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Why should Obama pass the Keystone Pipeline when his buddy Warren Buffet is raking-in hundreds of millions of Rail Traffic Dollars?

Whopping 932,000 Americans Drop Out Of Labor Force In October; Participation Rate Drops To Fresh 35 Year Low | Zero Hedge

It takes a whole lot of campaign fund financing to make this silliness make any sense at all. Obviously, if it were only a matter of common sense, Obama would allow the keystone pipeline to be built, rather than have the oil shipped by Warren Buffets railroad or all the way across Canada so it can be shipped to Asian markets.

The other day, a friend of mine tried to sell the idea that Saudi Arabia is responsible for the current decline in gasoline prices. In one sense, my friend was correct. The Arabians understand that once England and other nations start using the new fracking techniques, the price of oil will go even lower. They may as well sell as much as they can at $50 per barrel.

Libertarian Party Jack says: it is time for major governmental reforms. Fat Cat and Skinny Cat "rent seekers" are taking from the many for the benefit of the few.

Share of Federal tax revenue: Individual + Payroll highest, corporate taxes way down. Through various tax avoidance schemes (including moving "headquarters" to offshore tax havens), big business is shirking its responsibility to greater society and a nation that literally subsidizes lavish CEO pay. Who is paying for this loss of revenue? You are.

#Bitcoin Surges 20% In A Week As Chinese Volumes Hit Record High https://blogjob.com/economiccollapseblogs/2016/12/27/bitcoin-surges-20-in-a-week-as-chinese-volumes-hit-record-high/

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