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Omg i do this all the time :P

I think I love a Derp.: Photo

Shower Time With Ching and Abyo by LittleKidsin on @DeviantArt

Hey guyssss~ This isn't another page of WYIM, but an extension! I got so many comments suggesting Abyo and Ching have a shower together, so I deci. Shower Time With Ching and Abyo

I think I love a derp

A friend asked if it’s possible to ever get out of the “Bro-Zone” (an intense version of FriendZone) and I told him of course it’s possible! But then again, I might have some weird brother complex….


This is not funny tho couldn't find a board🙈True Love Always Wins… awwww.

For sleeping with bae (and actually sleeping).

24 Diagrams To Help You Have Better Sex

Aidan by SnaiLords on DeviantArt

Something cheesy because I wanted to say hello and give a mental hug to SnaiLords I'm not in the actual contest but shh > u o No stars for the snail lord

awesome Gamer Boyfriends! - funny pictures

Internet vs Reality In my experience, maybe of the time 'reality'

Poor Sasuke Uchiha

Poor Sasuke Uchiha

Have to agree with this one!

Scott Nathan's Photo

Never get jealous when you see your ex with someone else, because our parents taught us to give our used toys to the less fortunate. Yup, i need to remember that. Don't worry Katie, you'll find out soon enough that you are the less fortunate now.