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Skull Towels

Unique and Awesome Embroidery Skull Designs I think I'd chose either one of the Skull designs or a spider one instead :P This also gives me an idea for kitchen towels.

Demonic Steampunk Cyborg Gear Brain S...

Demonic Steampunk Cyborg Gear Brain S.

Reptile baby. Good googlie this is so creepy xx

He came out of the pony express drug house car jacked her, chained he up and she kept getting pregnant.

You could make this out of polymer clay. Very simple to construct, Make recesses for the stones for the eyes, and glue then in after 'baking' the clay. Glue your skull onto an old ring, or a new blank. Antique before or after baking to accent details. Skull jewelry for those craving something a little bit different.

Mini sugar skull brooch with two shiny hearts inside his eyes


This is the sort of thing that Xiao would decorate his house with. Because he's absurdly goth and needs not only a black skull but a skull MADE of skulls XD.