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Yeol, D.O and Baekhyun

i want kyungsoo's vest

best thing I've seen all day tbh

ARMYs at it again

made it myself~!! :D #BANGTANBOYS

Sadly, I think I am worst then SUGA. X) <<< Proud to say that I'm at least Jimin level! not to boast or anything but. *Clearly boasting*<<<<im proudly suga level

BTS 방탄소년단 | Kim Seokjin | Min Yoongi | Kim Namjoon | Jung Hoseok | Park Jimin | Kim Taehyung | Jeon Jungkook

A love story of two boys from different families : Kim Seokjin a.ka Jin, a boy born into a rich family and Min Yoongi a.a Suga, a boy born into the celebrity.

fykook: “© Divine Treasure | Do not edit. ”

someday i'll see you. but not today. ~ Probably my new favourite JK photo~