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Emily Christoff Flowers, "Bailey," pastel, charcoal and conte on gray Canson Mi-Teintes paper, 8 x 10 in

Psalms 36:6 Dogs Go To Heaven .... It's possible that they deserve heaven even more than we do since they are so innocent

The Westie sleep curl

Homemade 6 Ingredient Dog Treats

NOLOEY - A1101294 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 01/15/17 **ON PUBLIC LIST** A volunteer writes: We’re told that our gorgeous girl, Noloey, surrendered by her family for having ‘no time’, is friendly and outgoing to strangers, lived with and is relaxed and playful with children (ages 4 y and 6 mos.), plays exuberantly with adults, and does know the difference, so plays more gently with the kids (love that!!), is fine with calm dogs she meets on the street,

What is this magic?

TO BE DESTROYED 01/06/17 - - Info Please Share: To rescue a Death Row Dog, Please read this: To view the full album, please click here: - Click for info & Current Status:

6 months old - Irish wolfhound and Border Collie mix :) ... what should we call the mix, a border hound? So cute!!

"Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home. And my nose is NOT your home."