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JERICHO, ISRAEL - and the walls came down

Rahab saved two Israelite spies who had been sent to gauge the defences of the ancient city of Jericho.

What were typical homes like in Jesus' time?

Home construction in Jesus days. This wonderful article describes how the poor, working poor, and more fluent people of Jesus days constructed their homes, and lived; describes roof top activities, and water/heat/ animal rooms.

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12 tribes of israel - Google Search

black hebrews 12 tribes - The arrangement of the tribes of Israel encamped around the Mosaic Tabernacle in the wildernes is described in Numbers Chapter Two of the HCSB Study Bible.

Herod's temple - Google Search

Retired Farmer Spends 30 Years Building Scale Model of Herod’s Temple

Prison of Apostle Peter. Jerusalem, Israel

God tells us to seek Him within His powerful Sword: the picture of His Word slicing into our lives by His Holy Spirit.( This is the prison of apostle Peter in Jerusalem.

state of israel | Here’s a map of Israel as things stand today:

This is a great interactive map of Israel (site includes other excellent links). Atlas includes historic maps and short outlines of Jewish history. A good educational tool.