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Fusion Home Fitness: Half Kneeling Lifts

This exercise is used to train the core, shoulder mobility and Hip stability. First master the position of half kneeling before adding any sort of weight.

Fusion Home Fitness: Dead Bug

This exercise is used to develop the abs and cross body coordination. If this exercise bothers your back revert back to the wall bug and master that exercise.

Fusion Home Fitness: Pull Over with Leg Lower

The prerequisite to this exercise would be a normal Leg lower and the pullover exercise on the foam roller. Once both of these can be complete for 12 repetit.

Fusion Home Fitness: Wall Bug

This should be the first core exercise that you try. It is a prerequisite to the Wall Leg Lower. If you can do 3 sets of 12 repetitions easily move on to the.

Fusion Home Fitness: Pull Over

This exercise works on bracing the core while keeping the rib cage pulled down. A rib flare can happen in any exercise. Common exercises to have a rib flare .

Fusion Home Fitness: Warrior One

This is a good mobility drill to stretch the hip flexors for people who are flexion intolerant. The hip flexors are the group of muscles that make it possibl.

Fusion Home Fitness: The Squat

Watch what happens to the hips at This is a posterior tilt of the pelvis and when loaded can cause high sheer forces through the back. It is alright to.