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Steven Severin, Budgie, when Robert Smith played guitar for The Banshees

Vivian - London 1980s New Romantics - source not provided - pinned by ~ unleash your inner RokStar - fashion, pop and mental health

gothiccharmschool: “ lieutenant-mairon: “ lieutenant-mairon: “ VIVIAN - off to Lypton Village ” //// I need to wear that outfit again. ” Oh look at you, you decorative creature!

Goths wore black and had a vampire feel to the look derived from literary and art versions of characters in gothic novels.

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1e1d19f3252404512751fed13a73c997--siouxsie-sioux.jpg (505×399)

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this-tragic-affair: “ punk boys with cute cats is my favourite thing ever ” Punks w/ Kitties! So cute!

Ian Curtis

“I felt a bit guilty picking the Joy Division song as it’s such an obvious choice but the lyrics are so amazing”