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one af my favorite guns in CODMW3

one af my favorite guns in

Portal gun from Rick and Morty!

Portal gun from Rick and Morty!

Portal gun from Rick and Morty! If someone knows were to find these amazing portal gun pls tell me because I would like to visit rick and morty or even other dimension it would be so awesome!( sorry for the bad wrighting)>umm.

(: mmmmmmh<3

My favorite players Kobe Bryant Dirk Nowitzki Kevin Durant Carmelo Anthony Lebron James Dwight Howard Derick Rose Derom Williams

Richard Pryor: Say what you want to say about the cursing, the man was a brilliant comedian.

.i think the third one down is my favorite.  love that kid's face.

All these are so AWESOME and too funny! love the should I get you a bottle one, she was just changing my diaper.they're all hilarious :)


People that are having a worse day than you…the yellow lab cracks me up.put poor people

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XD Like my brother playing gun games. He can kill you, but you can't kill him.

The Intuitive Group Review "Lin-Sanity" in the blog, check it out!

A new brand is born. When was the last time you encountered a social-media sports phenom like Lin?