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Historically Accurate Sleeping arrangements - Straw bedding with Pelts! Image from the group TEUTA LINGONES CINGHIALE BIANCO

SCA Lantern. Entirely handmade from wood and rawhide, with a metal handle, and a metal base plate with spike for the candle (Candle not included).

Inside Chieftain's tent, decorated with La Tene style art, pelt lined seats and floor, entry mat of colorful woven sheet. Image from the group TEUTA LINGONES CINGHIALE BIANCO

Holcombe Bronze Mirror: A solid bronze replica of the Holcombe Mirror at the British Museum. Dated at 30 to 70 AD. Recreated at a slightly smaller scale. This mirror has the stylized face of a cat on both sides, with jasper gemstones in the eyes. The engraving on the back of the mirror is a stylized face which would watch over and protect the owner.

"Over the years archaeologists have pieced together how Iron Age Britain’s prepared their food by looking at the evidence that has been left behind including pots, pans and other food related tools. Most of the cooked food would have been cooked on an open fire which would have been done either outside during the summer or inside a dwelling during the winter. "