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Explore Cusco Sacsayhuaman, Gift and more!

Regalo a Cusco. Sacsayhuaman

Aaron Siskind, Sacsayhuaman, Cusco Wall 24, 1975... You can't even wedge a coin between these stones! Amazing, unique example of ancient architecture.

Fortaleza de Saccsahuaman, Cusco, Peru. Want to visit Cusco RESPONSibly with RESPONSible Travel Peru? #RESPONSibleTravelPeru #Peru


Have u been to PERU? Cuzco - Yes- Need a good heart and lungs.... Elevation 12,500 (mn: Some say these constructions may have been intended as earthquake-proofing)

Ruinas de Sacsayhuamán Las colosales murallas de esta fortaleza emplazada en pleno Camino Inca medían 9 metros de alto por 5 de ancho, y estaban sostenidas por bloques de piedra que pesaban hasta 350 toneladas.

PumaPunku, Tiwanaku, Bolivia Some of the blocks weigh over 100 tons and they are so perfectly polished with fine absolutely straight cut lines, just millimeters in depth with drilled holes with an exact distance between them.

Peru. Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun), Cusco - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.