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I would LOVE for my kids to think they could pull this on me. There would only be one ass beating, and it would NOT be a ho's.

Parenting Done Right! – 18 Pics There'd be far less violent crimes if more of this kind of parenting was done these days!


Funny pictures about When a zombie is looking for brains. Oh, and cool pics about When a zombie is looking for brains. Also, When a zombie is looking for brains.

True words of wisdom.

I've been lucky to know what I want to be my career for a long time. We force kids into deciding what they want to do for the rest of their lives far too early.

Glad this feeling's universal

Glad this feeling's universal

this is fantastic! xD

The last one made me laugh so hard. Austin powers rand the guy got me laughing hard lolololol

Ginny Weasley was kidnapped, Katie Bell was cursed and spent months in St. Mungo's, and Moaning Myrtle died.  I'm never going to the bathroom alone again!

Why girls always go to the bathroom in big groups - FunSubstance

Why my cooking Videos are doing so well! – Remmy Meggs Dot Com

people who cook worse than you. There are people who actually exist, that are worse cooks than me?