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Mondays are Meatless: Labour Day Weekend

If you won't go vegan, at least make an effort to save the earth every Monday! Try a Meatless Monday!

Mondays are Meatless: Away Games

Most of the time it plays out that our Meatless Monday is a home game. Then we're on our own turf and can work with our own ingredients in t.

We love this! #MeatlessMonday drawing by Stella, age 10.

Mondays are Meatless: Happy Anniversary! Thx to my daughter for the pic.

Long Island's Mather Hospital Debuts #MeatlessMonday

Port Jefferson, NY, hospital to offer employees meat-free options on Mondays.

Meatless Monday: Robin Asbell Gets Juiced | Ellen Kanner

Meatless Monday: Robin Asbell Gets Juiced

Meatless Monday: Robin Asbell Gets Juiced | Ellen Kanner


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Tumblr Infographic 12 - http://infographicality.com/tumblr-infographic-12/

An infographic exploring the differences that Chinese and American citizens have towards sustainability. Information from “The Green Gap” report by Ogilvy Earth.