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There's a difference between aromantic and aromatic LOL. My phone autocorrects "aromantic" to "aromatic" no matter how many times I change it back. So annoying.

Demiromantics require a strong emotional bond in order to develop romantic feelings.

"Just because I'm asexual does not mean that you can draw any conclusions about my feelings about anything--not love, not sex, not romance, not desserts, not cats, not tv shows. It just means that I don't experience sexual attraction to any gender."  "Asexuals are just as varied romantically as sexuals"  [follow this link to find a short documentary and analysis of asexuality: http://www.thesociologicalcinema.com/1/post/2010/08/help-us-edit-our-asexuality-documentary.html]

I hate a world with sex, but of course that's not what Asexuality means


This post is about Asexuality. Asexuality is a sexuality where there's lack of interest in any other gender.

And this is the last one I'll post here. Here you go Sherlolly and Johnlock shippers! If you're going with asexual, then here's some info.

Quick explanation of the language attached to asexuality, plus an interesting (but uncited? probably if I clicked through I could find the source) chart of romantic orientation of asexuals by percentage

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Aromantic quotes, I mean worlddomination sounds great.

Aromantic quotes, I mean worlddomination sounds great.<<<I know that world domination seems really horrible but I mean if I ruled the world It would basically be the same except that oppression would be illegal and companies couldn't scam people