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Lilyane Juton - Graphic Creation Like This Page · 22 hrs · "HARmoney" - Personal work - Jan 2016 - T-shirt or post card purpose

"Poster Cabaret 50's" - Client work - Nov 2013 - Printed poster advertising a 50's science fiction themed cabaret event - Drawings are not mine but a collectiion of picks from various comics

"A guide to world domination" - Personal work - Sep 2015 - T-shirt or post card purpose

"Poster Steampunk Cabaret" - Client work - Sep 2013 - Printed poster advertising a Steampunk themed cabaret event - The zeppelin drawing is an artwork from K.Atherund Grayce.

"Portfolio Cover" - Personal work - Dec 2015 - Fish drawing with chinese ink and make up (Eye liner and various eye shadows)

Carmen la Rouge Business Card - Client work - Nov 2015 - Various versions presenting her activity as a prop woman in the cinema industry