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Vuillard, Edouard (French) "At Clayes, Geranium on a Blue Table in front of the Window" - 1932 - Oil on canvas - Private Collection.

Cobalt blue door ~ Chefchaouen, Morocco

blue door with cat - Chefchaouen, Morocco door - Morocco Travel Inspiration

Road in Tahiti - Paul Gauguin (1891) - #art

Road in Tahiti, 1891 - Paul Gauguin. In Gauguin sailed to French Polynesia to escape European civilization and "everything that is artificial and conventional". His time away, particularly in Tahiti and Hiva Oa Island, was the subject of much interes

John Singer Sargent - My Dining Room

My Dining Room (also known as The Lunch Table) John Singer Sargent - circa Smith College Museum of Art - Northampton, Massachusetts (United States) Painting - oil on canvas x cm


“ Penelope Charles-François Marchal (French, Oil on canvas. Penelope and its pendant Phryne are typical of the scenes of fashionable life in Paris that Marchal.

Who needs molding? Let trailing vines frame your window.

Window with a great view while Dining at Crillion le Brave/ Provence, France

too much art - Diego Rivera, Portrait of Two Women, 1914.

Portrait of Two Women- Diego Rivera Completion Date: 1914 Style: Cubism Genre: portrait Technique: oil Material: canvas Gallery: The Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Henri Matisse

Pansies Artist: Henri Matisse (French, Le Cateau-Cambrésis Nice) Date: ca. 1903 Medium: Oil on paper mounted on wood Dimensions: 19 x 17 in. x The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Henri Matisse, Silfide, 1926.

Sylphide Henri Matisse - 1926 Artist age: Approximately 57 years old. Dimensions: Height: 45 cm in.), Width: 38 cm in.) Medium: Painting - oil on canvas