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Maggie Smith. When I watch Downton Abbey all I can see is Professor McGonagall.

Oh Lord! Just look what we did before Downton: Photos show stars before they became household names

Maggie Smith

We love Maggie Smith...

JK Rowling gave me a childhood. Not only did I vastly enhance my vocabulary and writing skills, but through the series, The characters of Harry Potter taught me life lessons no single person or experience has been able to... It was more than just a book.

anne Hathaway | from Princess diaries, Devil wears prada, Alice in wonderland, Bride wars, The dark knight rises

Maggie Smith, love her!

Love Dame Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey- she gets all the best lines.

Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith. Amazing actress who has starred in such a variety of films and still looking great