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It's Allison , from little lovelies, here to share my favorite embroidery storage idea with you. You can see the other needlework posts that I have done for 30 days by clicking here.   For my post this month, I wanted to share the way that I organize my embroidery thread. I

Organizing Your Embroidery Floss

Bordado y punto de cruz: WINDERS tema Mensajes BOBINAS LILI ROSE Página 1

Bordado y punto de cruz: WINDERS tema Mensajes BOBINAS LILI ROSE Página 1

What an awesome way to store embroidery thread!

A Bit of Colour

DIY Craft Room Ideas and Craft Room Organization Projects - Organizing Embroidery Floss - Cool Ideas for Do It Yourself Craft Storage - fabric, paper,…

diy embroidery thread storage - handy for leftover embroidery thread! You can even color them in or cut them out of designed cardboard for a more personalized look

I just made a bunch of these upcycled embroidery floss organizers last night! Much better than going out to buy more at the store. If you use pretty patterned cardboard (like the side of a tissue box), you can skip the paper gluing step too!

1670s  Culture:      English  Medium:      Satin worked with silk and metal thread, seed pearls; tent, satin, couching, Ceylon, detached needlepoint variations, knotted pile, knots, and crochet stitches; needle lace, metal bobbin lace; wood frame, silk lining, carved wooden feet.

Casket Lid (male figure, detail) ~ ~ British ~ stumpwork or raised work embroidery ~ Metropolitan Museum of Art

What a charming way to organize your thread!

Flossy the Pony Embroidery Floss Bobbin by sugarcookie on Etsy, heel handig!