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Legend Of Korra, Avatar Aang, Legends, Avatar Airbender

Legend Of Korra, Aang, Avatar, Legends

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As of today, Legend of Korra's Korra remains the one fictional female character of color whose personal struggles have mirrored my own.

Angry korra !

Angry korra !

I'm not saying it was Equalists, but it was Equalists.

I' lall NUT sun ' tie '. Equalists I' lall NUT sun ' tie rig EHW: BISTS It sucks that we have to wait 2 weeks for the new episode

Korra ❤❤❤

Korra ❤❤❤


The tears overflowed from my eyes at the end of the premiere. I think we all know by now that Book 4 takes place three years after Book and in those years, Korra still hasn't recovered. Physically, maybe, but her spirit was broken in more ways than one.