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Gran Fuente Prismática, Wyoming (Estados Unidos).

30 lugares de la Tierra que parecen de otra galaxia y que te encantará visitar

The Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park is the largest hot spring in the United States, and the third largest in the world


Funny pictures about The Great Tianzi Mountains in China. Oh, and cool pics about The Great Tianzi Mountains in China. Also, The Great Tianzi Mountains in China.

Arashiyama - Kyoto - Reviews of Arashiyama - TripAdvisor. Apparently there is a monkey park here and boating on a lake.

Arashiyama is a small town on the Oi River. Its moon-crossing bridge, Togetsu-kyo, is a beautiful, much-beloved wooden structure. Arishiyama also has Tenryu-ji temple, one of the 14 World Heritage Sites in Kyoto

Santuario de las Luciérnagas en Tlaxcala, México

Japanese photographer Tsuneaki Hiramatsu captured fireflies' beauty using time-lapse photography to shoot the bugs in the Okayama Prefecture between 2008 and

The musical Sea Organ (morske orgulje) is located on the shores of Zadar, Croatia, and is the world’s first musical pipe organs that is played by the sea. Simple and elegant steps, carved in white stone, were built on the quayside. Underneath, there are 35 musically tuned tubes with whistle openings on the sidewalk. The movement of the sea pushes air through, and – depending on the size and velocity of the wave – musical chords are played. Nature, the musician.

The musical Sea Organ (morske orgulje) is located on the shores of Zadar, Croatia

Seven Tea Cup waterfalls because you never knew they existed before today and now they’re like, one of the coolest natural wonders you’ve ever seen?? Does anyone else know how to get to Johnsondale, CA?!

Floating the Sierra’s infamous 7 Tea Cups on an inflatable dolphin. 7 Teacups, Kern Canyon, California Submitted by Devlin Gandy

very cool

~~ January 2005 trees, cars, streets, ships were all coated in ice during winter storms that hit Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Cueva Coventosa  Cantabria  Spain

Cuevas que no puedes perderte en Cantabria