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My Chemical Romance

Lol they almost look like a lesbian couple. Oh Mickey and Gerard

Gerard and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance<<<< gerard looks like mikeys girlfriend

Just look at his pose ohmygod<<< but he looks SO GOOD<<<and he's eVEN LOOKING AT THE OTHER PICTURE LIKE B**** PPAAAHHHLLEEEZZ>>>I am da fckin sass queen, Beeonc or what ever the hell your name is, so just back da fuk off, peasant

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way is obviously the True Sass Queen

My Chemical Romance TBT Photos, October 31, 2006

19 Epic My Chemical Romance Live Shots Through The Years

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Dude. That's not cool

(Face palms while grinning like an idiot) I hate you all why did you do this to me? (Is conflicted between wanting to laugh out loud and wanting to murder somebody (so in other words the constant emotions of the entire MCR Fandom))

Frank iero- this was too funny i lmfao when i saw this

Frank Iero Gerard Way Mikey Way Ray Toro Bob Bryar. My Chemcical Romance

Kerrang covers for Revenge & Danger Days eras

All they did was lose bob and dye their hair tbh