So simple, but so appealing! so everyone can get just the fruit or veggies they want and not touch the stuff they dont! perfect idea for parties!

Fresh fruit bites in mini paper cups. Nice alternative to the full fruit plate that gets picked over! -except mixed fruit-

can't get enough of minis--love these mini veggie dippers! #healthy

Veggie and Dip Cups.another less messy way to serve veggie & dip.Not big plate for a few veggie's.

Better than a vegie tray !

Much Cuter Than A Veggie Tray!Most Parties Need A Veggie Appetizer.And This Is A Grand Break From That Usual Tray.So Neat.Think Dollar Store Vases & Glasses.And You Got A Great Entertaining Idea!

build your own fruit pizza

rain-shower-party-fruit-pizza great idea for dessert! or sugar cookies with sweet whipped cream cheese and a variety of fruit to top as a bar

Farmhouse Brunch by Trish of Frilly Milly Events via #babyshowerideas4u

A dainty brunch - things I thought were cute: donut hole tree, french toast triangle dips, coffee cake idea, bacon on a skewer (could do sausage picks as well). Don't love: straws and milk in a jar. What do you think?

Rice krispie paintbrushes.........use a popscicle stick......then use white chocolate melted.....and use food coloring for the paint....

Rice Krispies Paint Brushes

Cute balloon center piece idea. NO Helium needed!

party shout outs

Mason jar with inverted cupcake liner as lid - punch a straw thru to drink

10 Cute Crafts Made From Cupcake Liners

Fun Chili Tasting Dinner Party with Free Printables.

Easy Chili Party Dinner Ideas

Party Food Display Inspiration  -  love the cheese stars  (could adapt this for July 4th celebrations)

Party food ideas - shape fruit using cookie cutters.maybe get kids to decorate their plate?Have Fun!