Angelfish are one of many beautiful species of fish that live on a reef. (Vlad61/ Shutterstock)

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libutron: “ Queen Angelfish Holacanthus ciliaris (Perciformes - Pomacanthidae), commonly known as Queen Angelfish, is one of the most beautiful reef fish in the ocean.

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Queen Anglefish. You can see her crown. This was my favorite fish when I used to scuba dive.

My favorite saltwater fish of all time. The beautiful Queen Angelfish. It's name speaks for it.

Halocanthus Ciliaris, Brasil

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Often the most patterned fish in the sea, Trigger fish are very oval with a large head; and similar to the Parrot fish it has a strong jawed mouth with teeth, for crushing shells.

Sea Turtle.

Funny pictures about Giant Leatherback sea turtle. Oh, and cool pics about Giant Leatherback sea turtle. Also, Giant Leatherback sea turtle.

Banded butterflyfish (Chaetodon striatus) | by Nina Banks

The banded butterflyfish (Chaetodon striatus) is found in the western Atlantic Ocean from Brazil to Bermuda. by Nina Banks