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Pacto Nacional pelo Fortalecimento do Ensino Médio - Organização do Trab...

Pacto Nacional pelo Fortalecimento do Ensino Médio - Organização do Trab...

Online Speech Bank: Chief Tecumseh - Address to William Henry Harrison on Selling a Country

Harvard kennedy school mpp application essays for nursing Find out what the Harvard Kennedy School is looking for. The essays discussed below.

Khan Academy - 10 Home School Resources

10 High school Homeschool Resources

The Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization and a website with library of over videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practise. it's a wonderful resource for homeschool families.

Free math worksheets; 1st-6th grade, fractions, coins, percent, decimal, and more

HUGE collection of free printable math worksheets, premade and a free math worksheet generator, all organized by math topic.

Secondary Sara: How TED is Transforming my English Class {plus FREEBIES!} - Post #1

How TED is Transforming my English Class This post gives great ideas on how to get your middle school students ready to have their own TED conference at the end of the year.

The Khan Academy is a free online educational resource with a mission to provide a world class education to any person who desires one.  There are over 3,600 videos covering a wide range of topics from Kindergarten to college level skills.  The tutorials are self-paced and they are all free of charge.

Free Educational Resource: Khan Academy

KHAN ACADEMY: A free world-class education for anyone anywhere. Khan Academy is an organisation on a mission. We're a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.

Made with Code_Google -- Google is working to get girls interested in coding.  Resources, lesson plans, etc. available here --- this is something I *must* do with the girls!  I took three years of computer programming in high school, it's sad that it's become such a gendered field.

Tools to inspire girls to learn and play with coding. Things you love are Made with Code. Code your first creative project and meet music producers, fashion designers, humanitarians, and animators who are coding the world they want to see.

Full-length SAT Practice | Khan Academy: "Khan Academy partners with College Board to provide Free SAT prep"

Think of a mixed numbers as a number AND a fraction.you can add fractions with like denominators. Therefore, you can add mixed numbers!

Check out TED-Ed's awesome interactive periodic table, with videos for every one of the 118 elements!

A lesson about every single element on the periodic table Created by the Periodic Videos team using the TED-Ed platform. The team at Periodic Videos has created a TED-Ed Lesson for every element of the periodic table.