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Red giant flying squirrel

Funny pictures about Red and white giant flying squirrel. Oh, and cool pics about Red and white giant flying squirrel. Also, Red and white giant flying squirrel.

Southern Flying Squirrel. FYI - We have these in Okla. and it really hurts when they bite you. Just sayin'

Southern Flying Squirrel ~ (Q for older folks - didn't Rocky, from Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons, fly also?

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White lightning strikes twice! Incredibly rare albino squirrel siblings spotted at country park. One in every squirrels is born an albino, so it is incredibly rare to see two at the same time

Are you in need of a tiny, adorable animal to look after and cherish? Look no further than a beautiful, Flying Squirrel. These animals are true pocket pets. Flying Pet Squirrels develop strong bonds with their owners...

What you Need to Know As Owner of Flying Squirrel Pet

Photography by @ (Masatsugu Ohashi). ” Flying Squirrel Flying squirrels are not capable of flight in the same way as birds or.

Malabar Giant Squirrel - a truly gorgeous specimen! (Feelin' Squirrely group board)

The Indian giant squirrel, or Malabar giant squirrel, is a large tree squirrel species genus Ratufa native to India. It is a large-bodied diurnal, arboreal, and herbivorous squirrel found in South Asia.

Southern Flying Squirrels - had 2 little girls for years!  So much fun!!!  Miss them....

Southern Flying Squirrels - these are native to south Texas. It is so beautiful to look up & see squirrels flying from tree to tree. Our neighbor had some we would play with when we were kids.


Indian Giant Squirrel :::This isn't your average squirrel. It's an Indian Giant Squirrel & you probably won't get a chance to see this guy in the wild unless you're very high up in the canopy of an Indian rainforest.