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thread, drawing, work on paper,

Below are portfolios with selected works of ©Ula Einstein

Judith e Martin New work: naata cloth

Naata Cloth 2014 60 cm x 76 cm x Materials: silk brocade, linen, cotton perle threads Technique: raw edge applique, chain s.


such rad texture boro / sri threads, boro stitching japanese mending

artspotting:    Cy Twombly via Wo and Wé via Mondoblogo

Inspired by Cy Twombly’s Rome, 1966

海外のおしゃれすぎる!シャビーシックなクラフトルーム50 の画像|賃貸マンションで海外インテリア風を目指すDIY・ハンドメイドブログ<paulballe ポールボール>

Kay Sekimachi’s work table, Berkeley

This week we will be working on repetition and variation of repetition. Repetition can either be very boring...or very useful in your artwork. Repetition keeps the rhythm and creates a steady flow in your art piece. By adding variation to it...you create interest and a more complex piece. A lot of pop art has square images with a variation in color only. This turns a simple piece into a more complex and interesting piec

Judith T Greenberg- her stuff is beautiful in person!


SASHIIKO / INDIGO / Detail the yoke of a dyed blue top with the variegated blue thread like this

stephanie hargrave  I can't identify why I like this, but I do. It reminds me of the woods in winter.

Floating Chrysanthemum Encaustic on Birch

this is what i imagine a proper studio to look like [Gaetano Pesce in his studio]

Gaetano Pesce in his studio; Im not the only one with a crazed imagination

Calligraphy done with paper pulp make up these sculptures by Miriam Londoño    “The structure of these books intend to trigger meanings in the mind: what makes a book? Is it the words or the pages, or both? Seen as a sieve of ideas, the books stop being page-by page compilations, to be transformed into fragile nets catching language’s essentials metaphors.”

Miriam Londoño visual texts where words rather than written on paper are themselves made ​​of paper through structures made up of lines in space, allowing light to filter through and shadows to emerge.