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For my variation of the traditional kaeraküpsis cookie from Estonia I used a mixture of oatmeal and quinoa. The cookie won’t taste any different, but the quinoa does give it some extra crunch.

Le vendredi, c'est retour vers le futur… Only'Doux Cookies ! à prendre le temps de déguster… à l'ombre !

Ginger almond cookie This chunky little cookie with almonds on the bottom and soft sticky ginger on top is my variation of the classic barazec cookie from Jordan. This –not too sweet– ginger almond cookie is good for dipping into a large glass of mint thee or a cup of strong coffee.

Soetkoekie with saffron and sherry from South Africa I used some very Spanish ingredients -sherry, pine kernels, oranges and saffron - for my take on the classic South African soetkoekie.

sesam-sinaasappelkoekje panelets I really liked the soft inside and the nice crunch of the classic panellet cookie from Andorra. For my own variation I wanted that effect too. I dipped my cookie in a thick layer of sesame seeds instead of pine nuts and kneaded lots of orange zest through the filling

Anarsa cookie with pistachio and sesame seed I used coriander and sesame seed in my version of the classic anarsa cookie and added a nice nutty touch with some roughly chopped pistachios.

Lemon poppy seed koulourakia cookie In my take on the classic Koulourakia I sprinkeled the top with poppy seeds that seem to have a natural affinity with lemon and add a crunchy bite to this cookie.

Khab el Ghazal cookie with dates, chocolate and saffron The dough of my version of the classic Moroccan Khab el Ghazal cookie is made with saffron, one of the most expensive spices in the world.