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Leioceras comptocostosum (Chandler & Callomon 2009) var. subacutum uploaded in Cephalopods Worldwide: 13cm. From Mapperton near Beaminster, Dorse...

Giant cephalopods of history

Fossil Goniatite Ammonite Polished Fossil Cephalopod from the Primordial Ocean of Morocco, Geology Sample for your Fossil and Rock Display

Fossil Goniatite Ammonite Polished White Fossil Cephalopod from the Primordial Ocean of Morocco, Wear it or Display it

jan Beautiful Ammonite specimen

$32 Beautiful 1 inch+ ammonite specimen from Untersturmig, Germany. Var Pleuroceras costatus.

Ammonites at the Smithsonian. Originating from within the bactritoid nautiloids, the ammonoid cephalopods first appeared in the Devonian (circa 400 million years ago) and became extinct at the close of the Cretaceous (65.5 Ma) along with the dinosaurs.

Pleuroceras spinatum. Lias, Jurassique.

Pleuroceras spinatum. Lias, Jurassique.

Fossil Ammonite Cleoniceras (EA4789) Trulear Madagascar Nautilus Shell polished Sacred geometry crystal Collectible Ancient Marine ammolite

Fossil Ammonite Cleoniceras EA4789 by EarthStonesAustralia

Colorful Goniatite Fossil Plate in Matrix by timelessdesigns07

1881 Fossil Shells from the Pyrenees Mountains. Goniatites, Amigdaloides. Drawn by Teresa Madassu. Original Lithograph by Pfeiffer of Madrid

1881 Fossil,Madassu Fossil,Madassu Original,Teresa Madassu,Shell Lithographs,Fossil Shells,Pyrenees Mountains,Original Lithograph,Ammonites