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My Dad hated Bob but watched it with all the Grandchildren because they loved…

BOD with PC Copper, Aunt Flo and not forgetting Alberto Frog and his amazing animal band! Ha now loads of girls wear their hair like Aunt Flo.


Vintage Fisher Price Snoopy Dog Pull Toy - This was my favorite toy as a kid - I called him 'CHOCO!

aw...i loved these when i was little. Magic Painting Books. You'd open to a page that looked like the one in the pic, and all you'd need was a paintbrush (came with the book usually) and a little cup of water. Wet your paintbrush with water and start painting. Magically, different colors would appear.

Magic Painting Books just needed to use a wet paint brush sloshed over the page to bring out the colour

Oh my gosh yesss!!! I felt like I was going to die every time I got on the swing set!!!

Oh my gosh yesss! I felt like I was going to die every time I got on the swing set! I loved to swing!

Me lo regalarono i miei genitori nel 1982 e funziona ancora!

Nintendo "Game Watch" Snoopy tennis - I could spend hours playing and hit all records

we always had these in the house at Christmas.

blast I remember this stuff, it was the best hard candy besides the hard tack candy my family makes!

Image from http://www.fanboy.com/archive-images/wheelies.jpg.

Chorlton & the Wheelies . with Fenella, the scariest witch ever, who lived in a kettle :)