Linda McCartney, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, short film "Say Say Say"

October Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson release "Say, Say, Say" in the United Kingdom.

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney washin’ some dishes. What a neat picture! Not that I love Michael Jackson, but I do appreciate this.

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson (you know Paul is thinking - sell me my song catalog back Michael Pleeeze!). Michael is all - HEE HEE!

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson-was this when they recorded those songs better left forgotten?

"New" rare photos of Michael Jackson - Page 92

Michael Jackson with Quincy Jones & Paul McCartney - i'm sure for the song "Say, Say, Say"

MJ and famous singer Paul Mc Cartney December 29 1989

Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney backstage at Paul McCartney`s Forum Concert, 1989

Paul and Stella McCartney. Photo: Linda McCartney.

To most people, Linda McCartney was simply the wife of famed member of The Beatles, Paul McCartney. Paul with his daughter Mary .