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The Lights

The Lights - Story. I don't even know where to put this---- I kinda wish this creature was in my room! Idk why, I just like (obsess/love) scary stuff

creepypasta scary story XD

These are the stories that scare me the most. The ones that make the narrator the bad guy.


I'm gonna sleep with either my pistol, Katana, or f***ing bow and arrow that shit scary and the thing is I don't have blinds they broke I'm screwed either way!

25 More of the Creepiest Things Kids Have Told Their Parents!

24 More Creepiest Things Kids Have Said

A new, fresh look into the creepiest things kids have said to parents. You haven't seen most of these terrifying, creepy answers. These kids are scary!


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Creepypasta I like this idea. This Pasta could be a savior of all kidnapped kids everywhere and kills the kidnapped and/or witnesses with a final "You've lost your chance to help.