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Lovecraft and his Cthulhu Mythos then you'll love dressing up in Cthulhu costumes for Halloween. Buy one or make your own.

Ta da!

"Fredirycklaatu" brings us this very well done Halloween Cthulhu costume. It's undeniably silly, and I have an aversion to Mythos silline.

ML Watch out, little ship with little people on it! Cthulhu's right. Behind. You!

The Call of Cthulhu Art Print

First Audio Recordings From the Bottom of the Mariana Trench | Deep rumbles, unearthly moans, high pitched screeching: these are but a few elements of the alien soundscape researchers have now recorded for the first time at Challenger Deep, the deepest known valley on the seafloor.

First Audio Recordings From the Bottom of the Mariana Trench are Nightmare Fuel

Cthulhu Awakens and Totally Shreds a Sweet Ass Guitar- ocean hazards

Cthulhu by Aerin-Kayne on DeviantArt

HP Lovecraft is one of my favorite authors, and inevitably this leads me to torment others with Lovecraftian creations. This newer Cthulhu was *mostly* .


Can you be an Eldritch horror and a feminist at the same time? Dave Hughes introduces us to the cosmic hilarity of Feminist Yog-Sothoth, who disregards gender when deciding whom to eat next.