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cool bat chandelier

Miss Halloweenie: Bat Chandelier

Creature of the Night piece in the works

Smile for the Camera. This is "Tough Guy", and I think he's a big brown bat, Eptesicus fuscus.

so obsessed with the texture of the wings

About of all mammal species are bats. The world’s lightest mammal is the bumblebee bat. Bats can consume insects in one night. The world's largest bat, the Rodrigues fruit bat, has a wingspan of up to 6 ft.

Hmm, chinchilla?  Nope.  Probably a kinkajou (sp?)

"Wombat - Native only to Australia, wombats are solitary, marsupials who feed mostly on grass and roots." That ain't a wombat! That's a possum!

Upside-down snuggle buddy

Upside-down snuggle buddy


Buy 27 x 38 Poster - Bats - This 27 x 38 Bats Poster features over 35 bat species, a mystical and legendary animal that fascinates.

Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centres foton.

3 Actors-Turned-Authors and Their Awesome Upcoming Books

BoredPanda orphaned baby bat at Tolga bat Hospital Australia


A bat with a pet bear. Pat the bear, bat! Don't bat the bat, bear. Bear with the patting bat without batting the bat, bear.

bats, photo by tim flach

Flying foxes are the largest fruit bats. This large fruit bats call Australia…