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Really!? Huh. I thought driving underwater was safe.

What's the most ridiculous sign you see here? Or What is the most ridiculous road sign you have ever seen? Or Create your own ridiculous road sign.

I read all of these and died laughing at some of them! OMG! Hilarious Mom Texts that show you why Moms are the best

I was dying! Especially during the bunny one! Hilarious Mom Texts that show you why Moms are the best.The text about "Courtney" running the bunny over, that would be something my mom would do to me!

That is customer service at its finest…

So I booked a hotel room online. Gotta love the woodlands resort;) god, I love my hometown lol

SPOILER ALERT!!! If this past Sunday's Downton Abbey took place entirely on Facebook.

they need one of these for every single episode. that was so hilariousssssss. my favorite was miss obrien's thing hahahahhahahaha

A few name improvements for everyday stuff: I love riding on Horse Tornadoes :P

A few name improvements for everyday stuff

So hilarious! Just played this as a game with Jake, where I said the names & he guessed what it was I was describing. He did really well! Only missed two! "Space light"was kinda rough! So funny

wood pallet photo display}- This could be a cute wedding decor. idea

Show off old family photos or pictures of the bride and groom on a DIY Wood Pallet Photo Display