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Happy 4th of July Photo Greeting Cards

Don't just send photo at Christmas. If you have children, start the tradition of sending Happy of July photo greeting cards to friends and family.

Bird Feeder

Giving a bird feeder with M&Ms to create a "people feeder" is a gift your friends and family won't forget anytime soon!

A Going Away Present Anyone Will Love | Best Pizza in Town: Buy a gift card to the best pizza joint in the place where your friend or family member is moving to. Put it inside a pizza box from the best pizza joint where you currently live.   Include a note that says: "Since you can’t have the best pizza in _____________, you deserve the best pizza in _____________!

I bought my friend a gift card to Lou Malnati's Pizzeria, a restaurant many people claim makes the best pizza in Chicago, the city where she was moving.

S’mores Kit for Camping

A S'mores Kit for Camping includes a roasting fork set, a box of graham crackers, a package of Hershey's milk chocolates, and a bag of marshmallows.

Cheer Someone Up With a Box of Sunshine: If you know someone who is sad, sick, hospitalized, homebound, in physical rehab or dealing with chemotherapy, make them a Box of Sunshine. Then fill it with everything YELLOW!   Here are some ideas for yellow items you can include:

Cheer Someone Up With a Box of Sunshine: Bring much cheer and needed sunshine into many people’s lives when their skies happen to be gray!Cheer Someone Up With a Box of Sunshine

Just 4 U💵

Kids and adults of all ages will love being surprised with a Play-Doh money gift! It's fun and creative money gifts but also very simple to create.

Share Memories Year Round With Custom Photo Calendar

Share Memories Year Round With Custom Photo Calendar - Thoughtful Gifts


It's so impressive and simple, I'm hoping the M&Ms Money Jar becomes a gift idea people will use over and over again.

“SlipHer” Some Cash Slippers

"SlipHer" Some Cash Slippers - Thoughtful Gifts

Picture Frame, Chocolate

Give a picture frame with the wording "Girls and friends go together like chocolate and diamonds" along with chocolates & crystal diamonds.