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1. Shoe making was considered an Art form in the Renaissance time. There was a craft that went into it, that nowadays is done by machine.

Digital Vintage Maps - Antique Maps of the World 1570 - Instant Download - High Resolution - Printable Art Poster

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Visiting Amsterdam on a budget

How to save money on sightseeing, museums and galleries, food and drink, city views and transport – showing you can see Amsterdam on a budget –

“Show me your luggage, and I will tell you who you are!” declared a 1921 Louis Vuitton ad. As our bags travel with us, they become a souvenir of the journeys we make & how we make them. From the turn of the last century until 1960, luggage spoke even more eloquently than today, using a rich vocabulary of hotel stickers which were fixed upon clients bags by the hotels. These stickers became renowned & inspired a myth about a secret luggage language shared by porters & bellboys across Europe.

Ha'penny Bridge Dublin. Vintage Style Travel Poster