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13 Ways Indoor Plants Increase Workplace Productivity

13 Ways Indoor Plants Increase Workplace Productivity

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one pot garden. Here is possibly the simplest herb garden ever. Find yourself a big pot and an empty corner and put your green thumb to work.

15 Phenomenal Indoor Herb Gardens

Whether you live in a big city or someplace that gets cold 9 months out of the year, indoor herb gardens provide so many benefits. Here is possibly the simplest herb garden ever.

Petscaping is one of Garden Media's 2016 trends that describes how gardens are being made pet friendly. Here are six stylish houseplants that are safe for cats and dogs that also provide health benefits to the home.

6 Stylish Houseplants That Are Safe For Cats And Dogs

The prayer plant grabs the attention with intricate leaves that boast a variety of green shades, as well as pink detailing. ~~ from A Beautiful Mess ~ 6 Stylish Houseplants That Are Safe For Cats And Dogs Living Room Ideas

This would be an awesome setup for the boat house: Very cool...Wedding lounge or ceremony backdrop

This living room includes a living wall in its decor. These vertical gardens can benefit your health as well as your design.


Bring nature indoors with a new houseplant for the upcoming season. Indoor trees and other plants like bamboo or gardenias are not only pleasurable to look at, but they also bring us additional health benefits. Duneier says that plants purify the air thro

Shower plants—  According to Pinterest, searches for “shower plants” have spiked by 302%—and it’s easy to see why. Not only do shower plants turn your bathroom into a veritable oasis, they also boast some pretty amazing health benefits!

The One Thing You Didn't Know You Should Keep In Your Shower