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7 Link Faces Artwork

7 Link Faces Artwork

Papa Link's Battle Scar by Ferisae.deviantart.com  This is soooo adorable!

Daphnes asks papa Link where he got his scar during bath time~ :> (Daphnes is my fancharacter son to SS Link and Zelda) Papa Link's Battle Scar

Sorry Ghirahim. Link doesn't think that's funny.

Ghirahim handle - I don't know why I'm pinning this I know why I'm pinning this! Oh ghirahim XD

I love the idea of this! This means I can ship Link/Malon and Link/Midna!

I've kinda always assumed, for some reason, that OoT Link ended up with Malon. <<< I've always supported this ship over Link and Zelda

Some Habits Die Hard - 3 by Ferisae on deviantART

Some Habits Die Hard - 3 by *Ferisae on deviantART - Hehehe. Link, Link and Wolf link - Legend of Zelda

Some Habits Die Hard - 1 by Feri-san.deviantart.com  Leah; I have GOT to see this guys stuff!! XD

This is probably the stupidest comic I've done so far (not counting Mr. Part (YOU ARE HERE) Part [link] Part [link] Some Habits Die Hard - 1