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If you are under the age of you shouldn't be here and you know it, so leave. These are pictures that have caught my eye for some reason or I had some type of reaction to. No theme, no pattern, no explanation or reasoning(some may offend you(sorry),...

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I'd only ever wanted a chance. Nothing more If it went somewhere I'd have been ecstatic. If not I'd have been grateful for the chance. Now it's all just wasted time and a big nothing.

If it costs you your peace it's too expensive

I firmly believe all life's moments are connected

There’s tremendous freedom in living to become your best rather than worrying about being better than others. Doing so is all about maximizing your potential, amplifying your strengths, and working on (but not obsessing over) your weaknesses. Jaime Baird shares 5 Keys to Become YOUR Best --> (link in profile) #motivation #YourBest #fitness #life #lifelessons #FitnessRxWomen

what feels like the end is often the beginning #quote #inspiration