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terracotta cave

The Terracotta Army, discovered in northwestern China in has only gone on display abroad on rare occasions.

Kral Tutankhamun araba 1330 -1327 M.Ö. Mısır-Kahire Müzesi

Chariots were introduced to Egypt by the Hyksos, the "rulers of foreign countries" who dominated the Nile valley for over a century during the Second Intermediate Period - 1569 BCE) Their chariots were

Mesopotamian Pharmacopeia...  One of the oldest known ancient Mesopotamian medical texts is a collection of 15 prescriptions, written in Sumerian, on a clay tablet, which dates from the Ur III period, or Sumerian Renaissance. It was excavated at the site of the ancient city of Nippur in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq), and is preserved in the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. (copy of original tablet)

A reproduction of one of the oldest known Mesopotamian medical texts, dating from the Ur III period.

he Terracotta Army buried with the Emperor of Qin in 209-210 BC in Xian

he Terracotta Army buried with the Emperor of Qin in BC in Xian