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Dry Skin Brushing Lymphatic System Cleanse Demonstration Video with Kate Leinweber

How to Get Rid of Cellulite: Dry Skin brushing- a DIY lymphatic drainage massage that aids weight loss and erases cellulite! All you need is 2 minutes a day and a natural bristle brush.

DIY Tutorial: How to Dry Skin Brush for Improved Health. Learn how to motivate and move your lymphatic system - the body's most important detox organ. This is a must see video for breast cancer patients, individuals with lymphedema and anyone who swells and it gets worse as the day goes by, feels toxic and has cellulite. #lymphaticsystem #dryskinbrush #breastcancer #detox #bodybrush

Dry brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that holds numerous health benefits. It's easy and simple to do, takes only few minutes a day and is very cheap.

Your LYMPH SYSTEM "Your lymph system is set up to help your body rid itself of toxins. If your lymph system is clogged or not working it can lead to disease. You want to keep your lymph moving so that the rest of your organs can do their job."

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