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For a wonderful day... pick up a picnic at one of the Paris markets and head out to Giverny where Monet and other impressionist painters spent time. If you have a young child e.g. 12 and under read Linnea in Monet's Garden first. The visuals of the story come to life as soon as you arrive.

Claude Monet: Inventing Impressionism ~ Emma reports on the life and work of Claude Oscar Monet. The video includes many of Monet's paintings with music and narration.

Claude Monet was a famous French painter whose work gave a name to the art movement Impressionism which was concerned with capturing light and natural forms.

Claude and his wife Alice didn't share the same bedroom, as was usual in the middle upper class, but there was a connection through the bathrooms. Alice Monet bedroom in Giverny Alice Monet's bedroom, photo Ariane Cauderlier The very simple bedroom of Alice is decorated with japanese woodblocks featuring female characters. It is one of the few rooms that have a window on the street side, that is to say to the north. One can see how narrow the house is. From her bedroom…

Claude Monet : Essai de figure en plein-air: Femme à l'ombrelle tournée vers la gauche (1886) À chaque fois que j'admire cette toile, j'ai l'impression de sentir le vent dans mon dos et l'éclat du soleil.

The blue sitting room where Alice read to the children. Monet loved colors so he chose all the colors for the house.

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