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Can't forget this one

Can't forget this one

Celebrate heroes - including the four-legged kind! #VeteransDay #dogs

Hero's indeed! Timothy, an Army Explosive Sniffer canine, wears the helmet of a soldier who placed it on his head, at the site of a car loaded with explosives~these dogs are our hero's, too~❥

Heartbreaking. Makes me love humans and dogs even more

good dogs

search and rescue dogs. Very sad but sweet. This happened at the Murrah bombing too. Very interesting. It makes me feel like dogs are actually more human than we think.

I love dogs more than more people…

I like dogs better than some people. (Yes, I know this is a GSD, not a Corgi.

My pit bull used to do the exact same thing!!! We would walk her outside with an umbrella, just so she would pee!

I have to pee

10 Of The Best "First World Dog Problems" Meme I have to pee but it's raining outside.

Good dog

Good dog

Funny pictures about Dog warns parents that babysitter was abusing child. Oh, and cool pics about Dog warns parents that babysitter was abusing child. Also, Dog warns parents that babysitter was abusing child.

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 26 Pics

Seriously you Pat yourself on the back because u drive his Jeep. Bahaaaaahaaa can't downshift though hu? LMFAO and honey u can't even cook a turkey! Probably burn the house down this time around. That's why your grill is electric.

Well, that works too

Sick of opening your dishwasher and thinking the dog could have licked those dishes cleaner? It's not your dishwasher, it's the detergent! This site tells you what to add to your dish detergent to make it work properly again!