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Anna Elsa Rapunzel

Elsa and Rapunzel playing chess, while Anna watches. Meanwhile, Eugene has stolen Olaf's nose, so they're playing a bit of hide and seek.

Disney fanart

Please let this be true! We could have Tangled Frozen movie!<< and let Anna and Elsa be like cousins and friends

Pocahontas, Anna And Olaf Can Relate To Each Other!

Pocahontas, Anna And Olaf Can Relate To Each Other! i love this! my favorite Disney Characters!

OMG!!!!! this is amazing!

Life after The Great Thaw

An amazing good fan art story. This is so cool. I thought the rabbit was supposed to be Luna's patronus at first. If you don't ship Jelsa already, this will make you ship it.

I Love This. I Especially Like The Theory Of The Queen Of Corona And The King Of Arendelle Being Siblings

It makes more sense if the King of Arendelle and the Queen of Corona are brother and sister. They look more like siblings than the Queen of Arendelle and Corona.

The ‘no nose’ trend strikes again and leaves me helpless with giggling because Elsa looks like Cassandra.  ""LET IT GO.  LET IT GO!  DON'T MOISTURIZE ME ANY MOOORRRE."

The ‘no nose’ trend strikes again…

Funny pictures about The 'no nose' trend strikes again. Oh, and cool pics about The 'no nose' trend strikes again. Also, The 'no nose' trend strikes again.

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Anna has super strength/agility head cannon accepted. Frozen is not a prequel to the Incredibles.

this, is the story of how I froze to death

Frozen "Deleted Scene": What Rapunzel and Eugene were up to in Arendelle.They should have left it in the movie!

She sees herself as a villain, but the only person she would call a fool is herself

It's not a Disney villain if there r no " fools". I swear almost ALL the Disney villains say that word! AND Elsa was originally gonna be the villain. So if u wanna be a villain call everyone a fool!