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love sayings My Love is Unconditional, My trust - Quotes about Love "My love is Unconditional. My Trust , & My Respect are Not." love you quotes

Don't fashion me into a maiden that needs saving from a dragon. I am the dragon, & I will eat you whole.

Don't fashion me into a maiden that needs saving from a dragon. I am the dragon, and I will eat you whole. (I can play the maiden sometimes, I don't mind)

When someone lies to you.

Honesty and lies quote

Don't ever spoil an ungrateful person. Because nothing is ever going to be good enough for them :/

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Sad thing he believes his lies.  It's falling apart, he gets confused on what he told to who(or is it whom)  lol

LIES - - A single lie discovered is enough to create doubt in every truth expressed.

Treat your spouse like they're stupid and they will leave you behind.

What it comes down to is your actions in the end. As the saying goes actions speak louder than words. We can make careful plans if needed to to end relationships we do not wish to stay in. Start making plans for the life you want.

We cannot change ANYONE who is oblivious or uncaring in what they say or do. j

Really, you can't change someone. But a person can change when they see the issue with their actions. And words

She loves deep and fast .....I am

She loves deep and fast. She is fierceness and tenderness within the same breath. This is her beauty. In her total lack of in betweens.

All. The. Fucking. Time. I can be halfway through the monologue before realizing I forgot to say half of the conversation!

Why I hate explaining myself.

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A fucking men! Looking back the gaps are so apparent