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New life for former homeless man who returned ring

Man who returned ring no longer homeless: 'I feel human now'


Las 5 peores barreras a tu creatividad

The top song is physically impossible to play by yourself. Aside from not actually being at all intelligible, there are several parts where you'd need a few extra hands. But I do get the comedic reference:3

Funny pictures about How music reading works. Oh, and cool pics about How music reading works. Also, How music reading works.

6 Ways To Reach Your Full Potential - mindbodygreen.com

6 Ways To Reach Your Full Potential: A Professional Intuitive Explains

This post is part of a series by Shannon Kaiser called Live Your Life — a primer on finding your passion and living with purpose. Each day this week, we'll post one article offering the foundational

Six ways to practice self-love.

Six Ways to Practice Self-Love

I love a good list. From lists of favorite things to lists of 10 places you should visit in Paris to gratitude lists to your favorite songs in high school, I love them all. List-making can actually be.

5 Questions To Ask When Something Just Doesn't Feel Right - mindbodygreen.com

5 Questions To Ask When Something Just Doesn't Feel Right

We often use the expression "something feels off" to explain that nagging feeling in the gut we get when anxiety over life creeps in. I’ve had this feeling many times. Two of the most memorable were

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"the soundtrack of your life" -Dick Clark ~~~~~Every motion picture has a soundtrack; Our lives do too!