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More wartime kisses

I Love this! Couple in Penn Station Sharing Farewell Kiss Before He Ships Off to War During WWII Photographic Print by Alfred Eisenstaedt


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A British Tommie Bestows A Last Kiss Upon His Rhineland Sweetheart As His Detachment Leaves For  England As They Evacuate Germany. Konigstein, Germany, September 1929

20+ Historic Photos Of Love During Wartime

Konigstein, Germany September British Tommie bestows a last kiss upon his Rhineland sweetheart as his detachment leaves for England as they evacuate Germany.

V-day. A sailor kissing a nurse on Times Square, New York city on the day WWII was won. The world famous picture that went around the world.

Are Childfree Adults "Selfish"?

1945 P. Is A-Okay A jubilant sailor celebrates the end of World War II by embracing an unsuspecting nurse for a celebratory kiss in Times Square, illustrating exactly how to sweep a woman off her feet.

Quando si parla di amore e guerra, questa è una delle immagini che fanno il giro del mondo: baci d'addio. Due parole, tanto in contrasto, accostate tra loro: baci e addio. Non si vorrebbe mai dire addio alla persona che si ama. Eppure questa foto non mette tristezza, perché la passione di quel momento, di quell'attimo, è tangibile. Una storia d'amore in tempo di guerra: "Nero di memoria" di Concetta D'Orazio. http://www.amazon.it/dp/B00G26EU4S

Seattle, 1948 - A sailor kisses a woman as he boards a bus at the Seattle Bus Terminal.

Korea #koreanwar

Vintage photo-soldier feeding tiny kitten Vintage Kitty - Korea, ca 1953 - Sergeant Frank Praytor adopts Miss Hap, an abandoned kitten. Sergeant Praytor named her Miss Hap "Because she was born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Vintage Sweet Love – 41 Romantic Snapshots of Honey Kisses from between the and ~ vintage everyday

Iconic Black and White Photographs, Colorized  Alfred Eisenstadt: Sailor Kiss, VJ Day, 1945

Iconic Black and White Photographs, Colorized

Iconic Black and White Photographs, Colorized - Alfred Eisenstadt: Sailor Kiss, VJ Day, 1945